Life at the Red Traffic Light

It’s only been a couple of weeks since New Zealand moved to Red under our covid management framework.

This time it seems the country has taken the move in our stride, except of course industries such as the arts, tourism, and hospitality. On some levels its been easier to adapt to staying home as almost everyone who can work from home now has the home office set up they need. But it’s also been harder…we know how bad it could get and we don’t really know how long we’ll need to be in this phase. Our sanctuary from the worst of it so far has created greater complacency for some and greater anxiety for others.

Today I am feeling trapped, by a high pressure system over the north island that is refusing to move, by the relentless heat and burning sun, and the avalanche of work I am yet to begin. Not a good day. The image reflects my mood – a broken tea caddy, spilling forth contents into the ether. It can be fixed, but for today there are breaks in the chain.

Over it
I don't know
if it's my tinnitus
or the chorus
of of cicadas
that is so disconcerting 
perhaps it is the sound of 
desiccating grass as I walk

These long days
of waiting
Waiting for the high
to pass
to allow a cool change in
for rain to 
nascent buds of verdant growth

These long days
of waiting
Waiting for the knock at the door
delivering news
of test results
and seven day rolling averages
to make space for 
the safety to return

All the information and
expectation of decisions
deferred are waiting
waiting for me
waiting for resilience
And I am 
waiting for rain

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