Poetry exercise: the broken fence

Today I wanted to write a poem but there was not a single word or phrase to form even the tiniest spark. So rather than put down my pen, I decided to find an image that triggered my interest. The image I found was a photograph looking down at CBD/downtown area taken from a vantage point removed from the actual scene. The image of the city was framed by a broken chain link (aka cyclone wire) fence. I image that the person who made the photograph has their back to an abandoned factory. The image used on this page is quite close to inspiration image – the biggest difference is that more wire was visible in the one I used.

The poem below is the result of this exercise. Apart from spelling mistakes and punctuation changes, it is presented as it flowed.

Through the wire
Wire twisted back on itself,
a fading sheen frames the
rust where metal connects.
Generations of spiders
have engineered 
open air kitchen homes
amongst the web.
Traces of former house guests 
are still visible.

A city sprawls out
behind the broken wire fence
Oblivious to the life, decay 
and death overlooking the 
cars and suits and lattes.

Like overachieving ants
we have built
mounds higher than ever
while our social structures 
We have forgotten how to 
protect our queens
and walk without
stepping on each other.

Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com

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