Diva delights

This poem was written yesterday. I had been reflecting on the poetry night I MC’d last Tuesday night – I was wearing my favourite glittery ankle boots, which I had found at Trash Palace for $2. They are almost new and look amazing under stage lights. They did garner some audience appreciation and I said I should write poem about my tip shop adventures…well here it is:

Dumpster diving diva
Did you say you've been to the thrift store?
Girl, just today I've been to four!
I bought these shoes
and at least two
dresses: one long, one short.
And a tennis racket in case I ever find a court
I found a $2 cake stand
and music for a jazz band
not that I know how to play,
but I might learn someday.

I shift through the free bin
the stuff that people discard is a sin
I'll be elbow deep 
and let out a shriek
"Look what I just found!"
A cord to set up surround sound.
My wedding was self-catered
chic, not colour coordinated
Waterford crystal glasses in the candlelight
Wedgewood trays full of tasty delights.

And I will dumpster dive again
to save more books from pulping
and stop designer chairs
ending up in a landfill somewhere.
I can't shop at big box retail
I'm too busy at the fill-a-bag sale.
Not that I'm a hoarder
I like tidiness and order
and saving beautiful things
so that they can live again.

I have a collection of carved stone cats
and brass..."this and thats",
more books than I can read
and more art than I probably need.
Some people like their cheap fast fashion
but vintage designer and cashmere are my passion
At a fraction of the cost too -
if the health of the planet concerns you.
You might be surprised that I am a germaphobe
But if I can clean it I'll find it a home.

Some people might say I am a hoarder
I feel more like a skilled gatherer
of thrown away treasures.
The hunt brings me pleasure.
And I don't just look for me,
if I know what you need I'll commit it to memory
and in six months time
I'll have found a dozen of that discontinued line
Choose the colour
to match your decor.
They were only fifty cents each,
I'll donate the rest to the church swap meet.

And after I've spent my shopping money
we'll have lunch at Denny's
and then browse through Reduced to Clear
I need coffee pods and the supermarché's too dear.
I am a dumpster diving diva!
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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