Social Media Challenge- Post 1

As you will have noticed, my inspiration has been running a little dry of late. To push myself into some writing exercises I appealed, via social media, for requests. They could be for a poem in a specific form, about a theme or phrase.

Below are the first poems I have written to rise to the challenge I set for myself.

Nicola requested a haiku about bunking school:

While Afghani girls 
can only dream of the choice,
you are a no-show.

And Jennifer Rose suggested that having no inspiration is inspiration enough! (thanks by the way, for the excellent advice).

The anchored pen
There are pieces of paper 
lying lazily in an unopened book
Ink can only dream of what
it might become
if only the anchored pen
was hauled up from its place
of slumber.
Words try to form but dissipate 
like dandelion seeds caught
on a whisper sent by 
gods of late summer.
Perhaps words will not
take root again
until the spring.
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