Two for the price of one

Today I offer two works, trawled up from the archive. Both involve use of marine related themes!

Dropping anchor 
Until today I never
realised how much of my
life I had spent running
Even when it felt I was standing still.

All those wasted years
searching for an intangible
answer, a clue to a hint
of what happiness could be.

In the ebb and flow of
the tide I rode,
never knowing what was around the corner,
or how I would survive it.
Yet somehow in that cacophony of chaos I
found you-
my safe haven
A welcoming sanctuary within the loving
embrace of mountains-
you protect me from myself.

You are my harbour in
stormy weather;
my food basket;
my inspiration;
my home.

"The world is your oyster"
"You can do anything"
That's what they say.
Am I really a grain of grit in a world where
will I only become beautiful by triggering
an immune response I can't control?

Will I only become beautiful through the application of
smothering experiences that cover my true nature?

I know I can do anything - except that thing I've just done.
That thing that was spontaneous and fun.
I am in the wrong place - not hiding in my bivalve shell.
You say my deeds will surely send me to hell.

I won't fit your mould, I don't react to your death stares
The true is, this piece of grit no longer cares.

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