Today’s poetry offering takes an earlier poem and gives an alternative explanation – from the perspective of a moon that managed to break orbit.

The original poem is provided and then the rejoinder.

Unrequited love  
To feed an unrequited love  
Is to be a moon orbiting a planet  
You are held at a safe distance  
Suspended by the unseen force of gravity  
It is economical but you don’t really go anywhere  
Literally and figuratively.
The traps were laid with precision
You will speak of unrequited
love with callousness
And the audience will laugh
at the glib way you
dismantle such nonsense.

You will pretend your hands
are clean and forget
The manipulation and traps
your hands set.

You will described emotions
as if they are a character flaw
That you are fit to judge
from your self-built pedestal.

And I will sit quietly knowing the truth
Of how I wasted my youth
Escaping the traps set by you.
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