Unattended life administration

This poem is about the secret inner lives of the people we know well. Those hidden aspects that, because of shame, loneliness, fear or anger, people keep to themselves their unfinished life administration tasks.

Dripping taps
Do you have a dripping tap?
Something that needs attention,
resolution, must be done?
Is it on the 'to do list'
or implied in every day?

Perhaps your dripping tap
sparks joy - a fleeting respite
from an otherwise mundane life
that swallows you whole.
Or does your dripping tap
spark fear - a sleeping dragon
in the cage with you,
so you're staying small, holding your breath.

Unpaid back taxes;
Birthday cards so late
they'll be in time for the next one;
Reports the colour of blank paper;
Unspoken words too sad, too happy, too lonely to say...

A water feature
providing a random tapped beat
to the quiet moments
unheard by anyone else.
Photo by ehsan hasani on Pexels.com

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