Coal is good for humanity

“The future for coal is bright and it is the responsibility for government to try to ensure that we are there making it easier for everyone wanting to have a go. It is a great day for the world because this mine will keep so many people employed … it will make so many lives better. This mine epitomises the have-a-go spirit”.

Tony Abbott, australian prime minister at the opening of a coal mine in Queensland, 13 oct 2014

Are you appalled yet? In May 2014, Abbott told a minerals industry parliamentary dinner he could think of “few things more damaging to our future” than leaving coal in the ground.

So today I am kicking the tires on messaging about coal, climate change and the future of humanity. If you’d read some of my other blog posts you know I get a political and write on themes about nature quite often. Here is a poem I’ve been working on that looks at the ‘good for humanity’ claims of the former Australian Prime Minister.

Coal is good for humanity
Coal is god for humanity
no wait - hear me out.
If it weren't for coal
we'd be stuck in olds of old
No industrial revolution
No copious and conspicuous consumption.
I doubt we'd have tv or social media
Imagine having to be book readier?!
Oh the humanity.

Coal is definitely good for humanity
You gotta hear me out...
It doesn't deserve our demonisation
As it loyally supports the combustion
that drives the world's energy needs
even as those pesky ice caps recede.
Maybe it's actually time
To open more mines.

Yes coal is good for humanity
You really should agree
It's finally given us a use for trees
And winters that are starting to feel balmy
Is it really possible for a tulip bloom
to be described as arriving too soon?
But maybe coal can be even better for humanity
Our meddling species could learn a little humility.
Photo by Dexter Fernandes on

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