Waking up to good news

Congratulations Australia on surviving a 6 week election campaign in which candidates bulldoze tackled small children; non-one knew what the OCR was (or why it matters); and someone who “doesn’t hold a hose” seemed to be forever donning hard hats and high-vis.

There will, of course, who are disappointed that they won’t have the seats to form the next government. I suggest they look to back to the core values that founded the Liberal party and compare those values to its current policy platform. Take a look at the society you exist in now and think about you can rebuild trust and regain your integrity. My final suggestion is – never take the voting woman for granted ever again. Women are sick of the misogyny inherent in policy decisions that don’t recongise the value of their work; that don’t address job security and decent working conditions; that don’t tackle discrimination, harassment and violence; and that don’t enable them to fully participate in public life.

Sunrise over the harbour 

In an instant our world is transformed 

the first light breaches darkness. 

We turn to face the sun, unadorned 

eyes shining with hopefulness. 

Discard the empty memories of yesterday: 

we are alive and live for today.

A sunrise promise 

A sunrise paradise.
Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

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