New Year’s Eve Party

Hand on heart, it is probably a little too late to talk about New Year’s Eve! So, if that bothers you, feel free to think of this as a poem for 31 December 2023!

Dancing in the dark (to escape the darkness)
In the dark of night 
I wander through the city 
Searching for a light 
To guide me through the pity

I see the neon signs 
Flashing bright and bold 
They offer up their shine 
To keep me from the cold

I follow their sweet glow 
To the door of a club 
Where the music starts to flow 
And the dancing never stops

I lose myself in the beat 
Forget all of my woes 
In this place, I feel complete 
As if I've found my home

So if you're feeling low 
And the world's got you down 
Come on in, let go 
And let the music drown

All your troubles away 
Just for one sweet night 
In this club, you'll stay 
Until the morning light

So come on and join me 
In this place of joy and cheer 
We'll dance the night away 
And forget all of our fears.

Photo by Mauru00edcio Mascaro on

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