Resting Bitch Face

Even though I am in full ‘prepare for the launch‘ mode, new works are managing to percolate to the surface.

This is a list poem, I didn’t mean to write it. It just happened due to aggravating factors such as the patriarchy. For example, the trainer held up an A5 sized booklet and described it as ‘pocket-sized’.

I felt obliged to let him know that women’s clothes usually do not involve pockets, and especially not that sized. Apart from stopping the spread of sedition, the lack of pockets directs women to buy a handbag – even though we earn 75% of male wages we still have much higher running costs (if you buy into social norms and gender roles…and want to carry anything larger than a credit card).

Anyhoos, back to the poem’s inspiration – later in the day the trainer made a disparaging comment about resting bitch face. It garnered some laughs from the group but got me thinking….and thus:

Resting Bitch Face

Resting bitch face

Because it’s important that I smile

While you put me in my place.

Resting bitch face

Because a woman needs to be pretty

To occupy public space.

Resting bitch face

Because thinking and ageing

Aren’t really things to embrace.

Resting bitch face

Because if I can’t be pretty

I should fake it with good grace.

Resting bitch face

Because everything I do

The patriarchy will seek to erase.

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