Autumnal Delirium

This poem was inspired on a Number 2 bus to Haitaitai. It is dedicated to all the summer-loving people who suffer greatly when the winter descends.

Autumnal Delirium

“People are getting sick!

Are you getting sick?”

I’ve met people this week who are getting sick.

Getting sick because of the cold,

And the rain.

The rain makes people sick-

Their temperatures rise

when the cold blows in.

And you can’t get away from the wind

The rain, the wind, the cold.

The coughing.

The dark nights, they wear people down.

Not enough light to see other people

That type of loneliness happens in the dark.

Too much loneliness is like too much rain,

It makes people sick.

They bow their heads and their necks disappear

in large heavy coats

as they walk into the cold dark nights.

To wait out the winter,

Waiting to get better

When the sun comes back and

they can recover from

their Autumnal delirium.

Good weather for spotting mermaids, before the rain and wind set in. Wellington Harbour, 11 May 2021.

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