Boot Camp Day 2: Untangling knots

I sometimes feel that I spend half my life trying to escape the tangles I’ve created for myself…like setting a huge goal of a poem a day when I’ve managed to make very little time for writing in over a month. Perhaps the application of a little strategic pressure is just what I need.

As someone who has spent a significant amount of time in the past undertaking various craft activities including cross-stitch and crochet, I have learnt a lot about tracing the nature and origin of knots. Often I’d had to rescue expensive yarn from naughty kittens who’ve become bored with sleeping or napping and decided to find mischief in my craft basket. There is a real sense of achievement when the yarn is finally free of itself.


Twisting and turning 

I study the threads as they unite, move apart 

Through time and space, a rich tapestry emerges 

Your story is one of movement, unchosen 

but consequential 

I follow each lead, unpacking each 

knotted ending. 

Searching for the truth in tangled story lines 

It is like a meditation – being lost in the story of your times 

I lose myself in your growing looseness 

As chaos gives way to form and function 

I see your potential 

I imagine your body 

Transformed into something both 

Practical and beautiful 

Merino is such a fine yarn. 

Photo by Joanne Adela Low on

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