Boot Camp Day 3: The Katherine Effect

This poem was inspired by a sculpture of renown Wellington/New Zealand writer Katherine Mansfiled. The sculpture is located on the corner of Midland Park on Lambton Quay.

Katherine was born in Wellington in the late 1800s, the houses where she lived in the suburbs of Thorndon and Eastbourne are local landmarks. Her short stories, poems and journals are still on the school curriculum. You can find out all sort of interesting things about her writing here: Katherine Mansfield Society – Patron: Professor Kirsty Gunn

Katherine died at aged 34 in 1917, having lived a brief, tumultuous life.

The Katherine Effect

An out-stretched hand emerges from the words 



A promise of an adventure in which 

To lose myself 

Even if just for a moment. 

A gesture of welcome resonating 

Through the generations 



An unknown, until I consume 

Your words and allow your world 

To wash over me 

Released into my imagination. 

This image was sourced from the Katherine Mansfield Society website. The website contains information about the life and works of Katherine, as well as other images of the sculpture. KM Sculpture (

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