Boot Camp Day 4: Nature from another perspective

I am one of the rare people who won’t watch David Attenborough documentaries. It’s not that I have anything against Sir David, I love the sound of his voice, and his obvious passion for the environment. The documentaries are beautifully filmed and scripted. They are works of art.

I don’t like watching the realities of life – little animals being eaten by big animals. It makes me sad that, for one being to live, another has to die. When I have watched these types of documentaries I find myself hoping for the survival of the little mouse or migrating herd, but as observed in an Austen Powers movie: “no-one thinks about the henchmen or their families”.

And so I wrote this poem in support of the big cats, the wolves and crocodiles…

A prayer for the predator 

May your eyes be sharp as blades 

And your instincts run on overdrive 

As tendons and ligaments are held ready 

Let there be a shuffle to ensure your snare is set. 

And we pray for your speed 

In the moment of flashing pounce 

May your claws hold true and your teeth clamp down 

As your prey enables you to live another day. 

Photo by Pixabay on

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