Boot Camp Day 10: Found poetry

Found poetry is a form that uses an existing body of text as source material for words, phrases or themes and then organises them into a new piece of work. To avoid plagiarism, the onus is on the poet to create a unique new work and to cite the source.

In this instance I have used my own existing works (job applications from years ago) and added some new words here and there to make it relevant to today.

Interview answer 

I approached the task in a respectful and friendly manner:

I took responsibility for ensuring people understood 

The rules, and what was forbidden.

With good spirit,

I communicated with clarity and empathy, 

the reason their applications were declined. 

I have also balanced immediate needs with strategic priorities,

working alongside stakeholders

to co-design, collaborate or confuse solutions to problems

that were difficult; complex; wicked by definition; or that did not exist.

And I proudly contributed to outcomes for our team of five million. 

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