Boot Camp Day 11: Random small musings

Shine like a diamond   
The way the light is caught    
So fleetingly   
By the facets of the cut   
Creating a rainbow in my imagination   
Resilient and brilliant.

Seeing a light break over the horizon   
Feeling a cool change on a hot day   
Offering a helping hand    
Doing a small gesture   
It is by these means    
That we change the world,    
Of that you can be certain.
Survival advice   
So much has already been written   
about the cages with no bars.   
And of the hardest of journeys   
being the best by far.   
I know that to win on the outside   
is to have refused defeat on the inside.   
But in that moment of shatter   
none it matters,   
as you'll struggle to breathe,   
to get up and leave.   
It's a hard road to navigate -    
trying to reshape your fate.   
But here I am, battle scarred;   
ready for the fight; 
surviving and on guard.
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