Poetry Boot Camp Day 13: a love poem

A simple three verse poem about the love of my life.


I can place you there

Pottering in the garden of my mind

I can turn your face to look at me

and see your smile.

I can hold that moment, a frozen second,

and then allow the mists of other memories to

fade it to the back.

I can recall how warm your skin felt

on that summer’s day in Paris

The way the bead of sweat rolled

casually down the side of your face, as you said ‘yes’.

I can taste your excited kiss the day that

good news arrived,

And the sound of impatience when

recalcitrant rimu refused your nail.

I can muster these memories all day

Turn them in the three dimensional

Stop, Rewind. Pause. Replay.

Knowing that new moments will be encoded,

That you will take my hand

And smile many times before

you kiss me again.

Kiss me again!

Note: By definition, rimu, a New Zealand native wood, is a medium-density softwood. If you have ever tried renovating a house built with rimu you soon discover that there is soft about it – in fact it eats drill bits and nails for breakfast!!

Photo by How Far From Home on Pexels.com

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