Life advice

The world is full of good advice: lean in; win friends and influence people; to thine self be true; work hard and be good to your mother…not all of the glib advice you receive (whether you’ve asked for it or not) is bad. For example, “prevention is better than cure” is excellent advice, more so than “the ends justify the means“.

What does all this have to do with poetry? Well, life advice is great fodder for poetry! And combining it with the types of instructions we receive every day, I can do this…

General Instructions 
Remove cardboard packaging  
Do not peel the plastic film  
Microwave on High for 7 minutes  
Let stand for 2 minutes  
Remove plastic film carefully as contents may be hot  
Enjoy your meal.      
   Warning: Microwave cooking times and settings may differ.  

Remove packaging  
Not the plastic  
7 minute high  
2 minute stand  
Remove carefully, hot film  
Enjoy meal  Warning: Your time and setting may differ  

Remove Plastic Minutes.  
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