Drinking culture

Tonight I caught up with some friends. We’d called our social time ‘after work drinks’. We went to a nice bar. There were very few nice non-alcohol options and the idea of a “mocktail” really threw them.

So much of our social lives revolve around alcohol. But it’s more than that – do your stress management strategies include a glass of wine to wind down? Over lockdown was the glass recycling bin begging for mercy?

We talked about these issues and as I was cleaning my teeth the line “drinking to feel something, drinking to feel nothing” embedded itself and now I have this…

Hazy motives
Drinking in the moment
Drunk on life
Drowning sorrows

Pour a glass of liquid happiness
Pop the cork
Politely order another round.

Drinking to feel something
Drinking to feel nothing
Drinking to remember
To forget

Drinking to fit in
Stand out
Be more interesting.

Lost in moments
Strung together like party lights
On hazy mornings

Seeing a face, can't recall the name
Forgetting promises
Shoeless walks of shame.

Drinking away stress
Drinking to be more aware
And to to care less.

Drinking with you/
against me
Drinking to remember
To forget
Drinking to feel something
To feel nothing
Drinking to...

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