Wasting time?

This is the first time I’ve even opened my blog for quite a few days! Apologies for my absence.

The last two years have been weird – I remember the optimism at the beginning of 2020 – when the clock ticked over into another year there was laughing and kisses with loved ones. The start to 2021 was certainly more subdued, socially distanced and masked. It feels like it’s been a very long time since I was able to unplug and unwind for any length of time – I am sure I am not the only human amongst the 8 billion that feels that way.

So, in the interests of self-caring R&R I took a week off work. I am at the halfway mark of my break and can you guess how much writing I have done? Let’s just say it starts with a “z” and ends in a “0”!

Today’s offering is one from the archive. It was written on a quiet Sunday afternoon when I was, once again, thinking about writing but not actually DOING it! 🙂

What I should be doing 

I should be writing 

Not mucking about on Facebook. 

I should be using 

These magical stolen hours being 


Not mucking about on Trumpless Twitter. 

I should be rehearsing 

For the slam I won’t enter 

Not mucking about on Google: “whatever happened to..” 

I should be writing 

Not mucking about 

I should be productive, rehearsing, proofing, perfecting 

But I don’t want to swap 

One desk prison for another. 

So I am mucking about, not doing what I should be doing. 
Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

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