My playground

In the last 24 hours, Wellington has been the recipient of a slow moving weather front that brought a considerable amount of rain our way. As we are now officially in summer the temperature didn’t drop. So it’s humid, still and warm. Wonderful, I am already pining for winter!

Below is a short musing I wrote on the train into work this morning, which doesn’t have anything to do with the weather!

My playground
Blue, black, green...
I have used them all:
inks pushed across the page
farming ideas
forming words.

Discursive curses
in cursive,
idioms in italics
seditious seductions,
Punctuated by pauses for breath.

This is my playground where 
I swing from stanza to stanza
Breaking the rules
Making up new games
and you're invited.

If you find that darkness
is closing in 
on the page again
Remember that we'd take the sun
for granted, if it weren't for the moon.
Photo by Robin McPherson on

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