Early mornings

Not much of an intro today, more flow of thoughts about mornings.

Mornings are not that great
The early birds, they say, get the worms
But I don't want to deal with the wiggle and squirm.
Anyway, you can get tablets for that.

I imagine sunrise is just a sunset
in reverse, so I'd rather
stay in bed
For a few more minutes rest.

Caffeine is my friend
When I need to send
My body through the rituals
That enable me to appear somewhat punctual.

Mornings are hard
And I'd prefer to continue to sleeping
after a night of tossing and turning.

I don't think I will ever to used to them
All that bird song twitter and timetable mayhem and...
people smiling. The humanity!

Yes, I don't like mornings
because despite what the larks say,
Morning aren't that great.
Just a sunset in reverse

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