Christmas Number 3

The poem below was written for a work Christmas function that was cancelled due to unforeseen and non-covid related circumstances.

A message from the magical Christmas Tree forest
Deep in the ancient forests of an ancient land
Festive elves and fairies toil with their hands, 
And their hearts to create
A very special place. 

The magical Christmas tree forest exists
Amongst the totara, kowhai and mountain mist.
The birds, festive helpers and plants all understand
That there truly is strength in every strand.

They work together as one team to achieve a shared vision
Of generosity, aroha and inclusion.
Whakakotahi is the word they use
To express their world view.

The interconnections between all life in the forest
Means everyone works to always do their best
To create the world they want to see
Where there’s tiakina mai, accountability.

All life in the forest is aware of those deep connections
They share, as well as the need for trust and compassion
They call it korero mai, which is to say:
The magical Christmas Tree Forest way.

The forest had long lived by these laws
By the time that strife began to knock on its door.
The children of the world had stopped believing
In the bright futures that they'd be receiving.

For years there had been warning signs
That the world had begun to run out of time
So all the world leaders gathered for COP26
To find a solution, perhaps a quick fix.

But it was going to be harder than that
To get the world back on track.
You see, the Christmas tree forest was under attack
By pests, forest fires and the logger’s sharp axe.

The world had become too hungry
For cheap consumables and nick-nackery
we had forgotten the joy of reusing and recycling
And how to grow mighty trees from seedlings.

All of this pressure was making it hard
For the Christmas tree forest to keep up with demand.
All of the elves and fairies, plants and animals
Realized that they'd all had a guts full.

So they wrote a joint letter
To their friend who we know as Santa
And made the following request for xmas 2021:
It was time that the environment won.

After reviewing the science and forest dwellers pleas
Lovely old Santa definitely agreed
And made the following decree:
This year instead of plastic overconsumption
I want to turn your attention
To saving tomorrow
And go carbon zero.
I want all of the people
To check the label
Is it recyclable?
And now the magical Christmas tree forest
is relying on every single one of us
to change our ways,
to save the day.
Photo by Nati on

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