Pun intended

Today’s poem is from the genre “found poetry”. While tidying up I found a list of plant/cacti related puns written by my wife. I co-opted that list and come up with the following light and fluffy piece…

Garden pun fun
Nobody pots baby in the corner

I'm not tired, just a little border

Crazy plant lady

This place looks a little shady

You make me wanna sprout

Weeding 101: Pull it out, if in doubt

I will survive

You look berry nice

I was 'natural' twenty plants ago

You reap what you sow

I wet my plants

What do you call migrating plants? Transplants.

Leaf and let live

It isn't easy being green

Pretty fly for a cacti

If you wanna party I'm a fungi

I am so over(watered) it

I'm a succa for you

That's a gnome, not a trowl

It's all gone to pot

I feel the need to branch out

That looks like hard graft

A gardener's delight? No weeds in sight.
Photo by Julia Sakelli on Pexels.com

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