Treasure hunt

I love op shops. When I left home I had no money and needed things like clothing and cookware that were good enough to use but cheap enough to buy. Over time necessity gave way to hunting for pleasure. I have come to love the thrill of the chase – and love rescuing the treasures other people have abandoned. My home is full of rescued furniture, wine glasses, books, art pieces…and perhaps a small cat figurine or two. I am a collector of precious things, not a hoarder!?

Over the summer break I decluttered a couple of cupboards and now have a box of homewares destined for the Op Shops run by the awesome animal charity HUHA. They have shops in Otaki and Petone if you are in the Wellington region of New Zealand. You can find out more about their work and make a donation here:

Treasure to my minds eye
Eyes scan the cluttered shelf
plates balanced in awkward
prized collectables

The op shop experience
reflects my mental space
So many hidden gems
If only I could find them

But my time here is short
I must do my bit and leave
Over obstacles I weave
On a journey you wouldn't believe
Finding my way through the dark
To stand in light do stark
Until all is known
And I am home.
Photo by Min An on

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