Communicating into the abyss

I decided to write a poem as if it were a series of text messages, I couldn’t sleep (again) and it seemed like a good idea at the time. The theme? Imagining I was a 30-something guy texting an ex….it’s poetry, I can take artistic license. IMHO, the final work is gender neutral.

The texts from my ex   
Sunday, 1.37am   
 Hey, R U awake?  
 I saw U 2nite  
 You looked beautiful 
 Who were you with?   
 Maybe we could 
 Hook up
 Meet up 
 Have coffee sometime                          
Sunday, 4.01pm  
 Don’t worry about it  
 I don’t really drink coffee anymore    
 U prob moved on anyway    
Tuesday, 12.09 pm  
 I can’t stop thinking about U
 Sorry I messed everything up
 I wish I could make it up 2 U     
 I still love U               
 R U awake?           
Friday, 5.28pm  
 Do U have plans 4 the w/e?  
 I found some stuff of yours  
 Do U want me to drop it off 2 U?
 Do U wanna come grab it? 
 What should I do with it?      
Sunday 3.19am   
 I still love you
 Do you still love me?
 Can we try again?
 I wish we’d never met  
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