Living a model life

Tonight’s offering is a cry of frustration about the way women’s bodies are commodified to sell all manner of goods, services and ideas. The gendered violence of the advertising and entertainment industries serves to perpetuate this notion that women should seek the type of femininity that is weak, passive, vulnerable, and perpetually meeting an ever changing and impossible standard of beauty.

It is tiring.

The model woman
Laid out like a tray
of fresh confections
softly dusted to shimmer
and entice.
Any lines not erased are blurred and
natural flesh cut away
to make room for more product placement.
She is the same woman every time
even if her hair is shorter or eyes
a different colour.
Sometimes she appears to breach the fourth wall
often she has no face at all.
Because her face is not important
nor is her a name.
She is the corpse in the opening scene
of the movie or tv show.
Or the non speaking spokesmodel
for a new perfume or telco.
She rides on the back of the bus,
stands in shop windows,
peers down from the billboard over the motorway
or from the cover of a magazine.
She cannot be too rich or too thin
wearing that luxury skin.
She is everywhere:

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