Not all men, but most of the songs

It’s been a while since I blogged. A lot has been happening in the world, especially the heroic stand of Ukraine against Putin’s denazification invasion efforts. So my mood is pretty dark.

Today’s poem fits into the ‘found poetry’ genre. I have reflected on the songs that play on the radio, in supermarket, at weddings and so on that few people even realise are deeply misogynistic. And if they do understand the lyrics and intent it doesn’t matter, the most common response is “it’s just a song, don’t take everything do seriously, lighten up”.

But living in a patriarchal society is tiring. And sometimes it’s BS has to be called out. So that is what today’s poem is all about. Inspiration has come from Nickleback, Carole King, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Eminem, Chris Brown, The Police and FM stations everywhere. The poem is to be read as a woman speaking to her man (who of course is without agency and is loved best when sexy, smiling and silent).

All you have to do is please me
Would you offer me another piece of your heart
If it made me feel good?
If I shot you down where you stood,
and left you to pick up the millions pieces of
your broken life,
could you tell me there'd never be another me?

If I slapped
your face would you tell
me it tasted like a kiss?
Or would your fine china crack
as you cleaned my house, cooked my food
and then faded away?

What if you were all of my problems
and I had a machine gun solution
- would you still want me to domesticate
you, draw you across blurred lines
and allow you to entertain my time?
Or do you still want to play at hard to get?

If I made you feel my love
and kept you all for myself
You could you sing me the romance
Of my embrace
And know that there was no-one else
who'll protect you from the wild wild world.

I am going to tell you that you're
sending a mixed message
While I follow you home
watching your every breath.
You'll know what I meant
when I said forever.

It's so easy being a man
I buy you dinner and don't treat you too mean
All you have to do is look pretty
even when I sometimes leave a mark.
Wear those tight pants baby,
and all you have to do is please me.

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