Middle-aged angst

From my experience so far, middle-aged angst is exactly like teenage angst except it comes with more mortgage, better wine and fewer eyebrows (google it, it’s a menopause thing)…the existential dread is as firm and pert as ever though.


Can I carry this mantle 

Such great expectations and dreams 

Could my words really 

Reach out – explain what is means 

To live this life 

With its twists and turns 

Unknowns, unravelling concerns. 

I am afraid most of the time 

Uncertain of each word and line 

Is there meaning only for me 

As a solitary sentry 

Guarding nothing of value 

Merely a passing review 

Unread, to become dusty 

A blink of what could have been history?  

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

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