Friday commute

This poem was written BC (before covid) when I was commuting every day for work on crowded trains and buses. This one was written in the 10 minutes it took me to travel between Petone station and my front gate.

One sided conversation 
I know about your hopes and dreams 
Heard the fear in your voice 
I know about Sharon at work, so passive-aggressive 
And that thing about Steve 
The easy wins with in-laws 
Neighbours who party too hard. 
All these intimacies you've shared with me - 
a stranger with no name. 

I just happen to be in the same tin box 
heading in the same direction 
I was quietly contemplating 
the thoughts loudly occupying my mind, 
not even bothering to look out the window. 

Only one more stop and I still don't know 
if Friday drinks are on 
or how the joke about Sharon ends 
The doors open 
You disperse 
Into the wilds of Petone. 
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