Sitting in a bar…

Last month I went on a short vacation to a tropical paradise. One evening my wife and I found ourselves sitting in a crowded bar, watching a band set up as patrons continued to arrive. The bar was small. Amongst all of this chaos there was a woman twisting and turning her way around the floor – keeping track of drink orders on her fingers. And always with a smile. We both observed that she seemed to love her job. This poem was written on a napkin in the bar.

Cyclone woman
Without warning I find
her blowing into my life
and I feel adrift
already missing
that cyclone woman
before she's fully arrived.
Nothing could ever be the same, 
I would walk through the debris
for a final kiss.
Cyclone Woman. Image created by Angele Toomey using AI Art Generator by tapuniverse, available through the Play Store.

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